Solar Tree aims to provide the best products where clean energy is powered. This will save our environment and reduce your personal expenses.


Our program is accommodating to local educators, based on their unique needs, circumstances and timetable. We also provide guidance for the development of a small to large-scale solar sculpture project, from concept to installation – landscape to lighting. The Solar Tree Project is well suited to all students, including special needs children, as group participation is encouraged. Suitable locations for a Solar Tree include parks, gardens, museums, schools, and corporate campuses.


  • Develop an understanding of the creative process.
  • Investigate conceptual project development through two-dimensional projects.
  • Explore sculptural media and techniques in Solar Tree maquette development.
  • Outline the need to create alternative forms of energy.
  • Learn collaborative skills thru the participation in the design and concept development, material selection, fabrication process, and the final installation.
  • Introduce the fundamentals of solar energy.
  • Heighten creative problem solving skills.
  • Present material options for the Solar Tree Project.
  • Create an awareness and appreciation for sculpture as a medium for the expression of concepts and ideas.
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